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    Premiere 5.5 taking over Second Monitor when minimized


      I am using a second monitor as an HD Fullscreen preview for Premiere 5.5. It has this annoying habit of taking over the second monitor (whatever frame I happened to be parked on) while the program is minimized. The only way to get back cotnrol of the monitor is to maximize then send to the background again. This is very annoying when you are operating back and forth between Pr and Ae or trying to do anything else on the second monitor.


      It seems to happen when it auto saves (which I have set at 5 minutes.. Yeah, I'm paranoid). I have the "Disable video output when in background" button selected, so what gives? This is the second Premiere 5.5 set-up I've had with this issue.


      Thanks for any feedback!


      And yes, the fullscreen video preview popped up THREE times while I was composing this message.