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    export anamorphic JPEG




      Another problem, i would like to know how to export anamorphic JPEG images?
      When you export JPEG in AE, pixel aspect ratio  have automatically the value 1, i would like to export one HDV frame 1440*1080 with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.33, is that possible?
      Even if i set an output module template, i can't success?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Paul Tuersley Level 4

          I can't see any preset resize settings in the output module that would give you that, but you could create a new output module template with the correct resize and have the script apply that.


          If the problem is that this still doesn't tag the output with the correct aspect ratio, maybe you could have the script put the output comp in another comp with the correct pixel aspect and render it through that.

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            lougris17 Level 1

            I put the movie in a comp (1440,1080,1.33) cut one image and render it as a JPEG, but it doesn't work, it render a JPEG (1440,1080,1).

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              Paul Tuersley Level 4

              So it sounds like you do want the file to be tagged with the correct pixel aspect. I don't know about this myself, but I would say that if you can do it in AE manually, you can probably do it with a script. And if you can't do it manually, it's unlikely you can do it with a script. So if I was you I'd look into that first, maybe asking about it in a more general AE forum.