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    Finding data files in local directory

      Say I have a bunch of XML files in the directory with my web app (or in a subdirectory) and I want the app to be able to create a list of all available files, without resorting to a separate index.xml file to list them. How do I do that? They'll be named according to a certain convention, like FC080415.xml where the numbers represent the date created, in year-month-day format so they're in chronological order.

      If I put them in a directory without an index.html file and make a URLRequest to that directory, I can get a directory listing with a bunch of junk mixed in and could probably write some code to separate the file names out, but that can't be the "right" way to do it. Flex 3 has a File class that has functions for getting a directory listing, but it only works for AIR apps.