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    Elements 10 strobe effect, ultimate settings


      Hi all, Elements 10 user here and I am trying to get the best out of my strobe effect but often I get into lots of fumbling and a lot of work.  Here's my question.


      I am creating a classic dark strobe light effect (or trying to I should say), by using the strobe color as black.  I have just normal filming a scene, but I plan to move around a bit.  So I thought I would try to make the black color flash at a good interval.  It's really working not too bad, but I can never get it to really truly look like a strobe scene that you would have say... at a dance hall disco or something...


      Does anyone know what ultimate settings for the strobe would be to achieve this effect?  I got it at a good flashing rate as black color, but I somehow think this could look better.