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    choppy avi playback with exported flash file?


      ok, I am a novice flash cs5 user at best- so my question is, basically i have to create a slideshow to play on a monitor at a trade show for my company, and they want it to play in a dvd player, not just hook a laptop up to the monitor and let it play off there. so i created a 1920x1080 document, 30 frames per second. looks great in flash. now i need to get it on the dvd- so i export to avi, and then i have intentions of converting the avi to dvd usage- but the avi is just a giant mess. i tried making it smaller, like 1000xwhatever, no help. it picks a random scene for the avi, and its like chopped in half, and it plays random frames. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Too many frames per second maybe which is too much for it process?? Should I be utilizing other adobe programs like premiere or after effects to do this instead? Sorry, I'm pretty lost


      Thanks in advance for any help!! I really appreciate it.

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Success with "exporting" depends somewhat on the content and makeup of the .fla file.

          For example, the actionscript doesn't get exported... basically all you get when you export is an image of a frame.... so straight frame by frame animations can export pretty well.

          Also review the export settings and export at the very highest quality, uncompressed settings.

          If you are just producing a slideshow, using a real video editing program like Premiere will give better, quicker results... no exporting, then import and then author to DVD, etc. Just create in Premiere and author.... done!

          Best of luck on this one.


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            johndwight Level 1

            Hi mlserychlc,


            To be honest, the exporting function of Adobe Flash sucks. It's recommended to use a third party Flash SWF converter like moyea. Hope helps.