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    Can't Access Air Libraries



      I recently started using flash builder to aid a flash designer with some AS3 code.  I'm very new to the environment and I feel like I'm missing a large element here.  I can't import in the air libraries.  Here is what we've done.


      I have Air installed.  The designer started the project in Flash Professional, created an air desktop application, and I imported in the project into Flash Builder.  He's providing me simple as3 classes.  Everything works fine till I try import air.* or any air library.  I need the functionality of the application updater.  I've tried to add the applicationupdater.swc manually and it recognizes it when I do on my end.  When I go to run the air application in Flash Professional, it's giving me a compile error.  I really feel like I'm missing a key element here when accessing libraries.  I worked in Flash Builder once before and I had a hard time with it.  Any advice?