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    Problems with PDF generator (PLT file to convert)

    Riccardo Vecchiato Level 1

      Hello everybody,

      I'm having a (maybe) stupid problem trying to print a PDF file from a PLT.

      Here I write the steps I followed to do my test:


      1- download the example file from http://www.winline.com/evalpen_center.html (GL-C-F.plt)

      2- from the Administration Panel of Livecycle ES2 go to Services > LifeCycle PDF Generator ES2 > Convert 3D

      3- set as input the downloaded file and leave the default of the other parameters ("Create PDF", "Standard")

      4- try to generate the PDF.



      Here I have three different issues:


      - the first is that in the result page, if I click on the link of the PDF file generated, I obtain the message "File does not begin with '%PDF-'" and nothing happen;

      - if I click on it and I download the file, I can see it is a PS file, as if LifeCycle generates the PS but it doesn't print the PDF;

      - in the end if I convert the PS to PDF, I cannot see anything because the drawing is completly out of the page and too big to be displayed entirely.


      Could you suggest me any kind of solution or what I have to check in the parameters? I don't know what I can do now because I don't have any other idea.



      If I try to open the file in Adobe 3D Reviewer, I can do what I want, so I think it's not a problem due to compability.