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    Converting .SWFs for HTML 5

    Happy Horror



      I'm not sure if this is at all possible. I recently took over a position where the previous method for posting tutorials was exporting .swfs from Captivate- all video controls are scripted in. We now want to move away from swfs, exporting in Mp4 then converting to Ogg and Webm as well for HTML 5. However, nobody kept the origonal project files. Is there anyway to convert the exported .swfs or decompile and remove the action script?


      I have attempted to use SWFTools and SoThink SWF decompiler. SoThink was able to export a .FLA that I could export as .mov or .avi and convert forward from there. However, none of the .FLAs worked. Images were incomplete, slides stayed to long, while others were missing. It was a failure.


      Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!



      Thank you.