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    createodbcdatetime problem in cf9


      Hi, im stuck on a problem that i just cannot seem to figure out.

      I have a script that recieves popsts from the paypal IPN.

      This is my code for decoding the date/time:

      <cfif isdefined("form.payment_date")>

             <cfset payment_date=urldecode(form.payment_date)>

             <cfset dl = len(payment_date)>

             <cfset cut = dl - 3>

             <cfset paymentdate_temp=removechars(payment_date,cut,4)>

            <cfset paymentdate = #createodbcdatetime(paymentdate_temp)#>



      The script works fine in CF7 and 8 but kicks an error in CF9. I use cfcatch to snag the error. The error is this:


      Error at decoding the payment_date, Expression, , 08:38:49 Apr 11, 2012 is an invalid date or time string.


      I cannot figure out what to do to save my live. Can someone please help?