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    Premiere cross platform


      Hey everyone


      I have been working with Premiere CS 5.5 on Mac and need to be able to collaborate with another individual with Premiere CS 5.5 on a PC. I want to be able to simply switch back and forth while working on my files. Here are the things I do know. ExFat is a good formatting for your hard drive. Archive your project to one folder before beginning, Make sure your external drive is quick. All is good. However, I still need to point file locations (reconnect) whenever I switch from one computer to the next. Now I know you are going to say that directory structures are not the same and therefore, it must be done all the time. I have a music background and know this to not be the case. When working in cubase 6 by Steinberg with similar types of projects ( ie small projects referenced to larger files that create a project) I have not had this problem. References remain and there is no need to reconnect to my files. Is there something I am missing to not have to reconnect my files.


      By the way I also know that all plugins are not the same