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    Fullscreen: Pages turn automatically, but they shouldnt




      I work on a notebook with a relatively small screen. So, when I read a document I do that typically in fullscreen mode. Never had any trouble with that.


      Today I had to watch a few documents. And from one document to the next it starts to turn the pages automatically. I have no idea why.


      Of cause I asked google and checked several options in the reader. The option to turn pages automatically is switched off. When I switch it on, the behavior is exactly the same; when I switch it off nothing happens - it continue to switch pages when I'm in Fullscreen.


      I really tried everything. I uninstalled the Reader and installed it again, but now way - the pages turn automatically. That is really, really annoying. Has anyone an idea how to switch that off? Or at least, how I uninstall the Reader and kill every information? Because obviosly not everything is deleted - else the automatic page turn should be off after I installed it again.


      I would tell you which options I tried, but my reader is german, and I have no idea how the options are named in english. But I have no problem to find the options if you tell me which one has to be changed - even if you give me the english names.