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    Workflow - Absolutetime AutoAdvancer


      Was looking at the addition of a workflow step to queue/delay the activation of pages until an off-peak specified window, and had seen the Absolutetime AutoAdvancer as a process step, but wasnt aware of the appropriate criteria/format to use as input in the timeout.  Anyone familiar with the correct time format or criteria to satisfy that need?

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          DavidMcCarty Level 1

          If no one has has experience with use of Absolute AutoAdvancer workflow process, any other recommendations on straightforward approach to delay the exit of a workflow step until a specific time each day?


          We just want to ensure the activation step is not processed (cache isnt flushed) until after a peak traffic.





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            justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

            The AbsoluteTimeAutoAdvancer reads a property named absoluteTime from the WorkflowData's MetaDataMap. It's used in the "Activate Later" and "Deactivate Later" workflows. The property is expected to be a long (or parseable to a long) containing the number of milliseconds since 1/1/1970 (typical Java Date stuff).


            I don't think this is necessarily the best choice for the problem you're describing. What you might want to do is write a new class which extends from AutoAdvance and implements the AbsoluteTimeoutHandler interface (just like AbsoluteTimeAutoAdvancer). In this class's getTimeoutDate method have logic like this:


            Date now = new Date();

            if (inPeakPeriod(now)) {

              return endOfPeakPeriod + 1 min; // timeout right after peak period ends

            } else {

              return -1; // timeout now



            In other words, rather than determining whether or not the workflow should be delayed *when the workflow is initiated*, determine it when the delay step is executed. See  http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/javadoc/com/day/cq/workflow/job/AbsoluteTimeoutHandl er.html for more information on this interface.

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              Hi Justin, I was wondering why the getTimeoutDate methods in only invoked while using participant steps. I looked at the code at it seems the ParticipantNodeHandler is only firing the publishTimeoutEvent while handling the node transition. I was wondering if this is the desired behavior or if this is a bug; if this is a bug is it resolved on CQ 5.5 ?. Thanks, Nicolas

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                Anzy_cq55 Level 1

                I want a intermediate step that will allow to move to next step only after some date or time. Can I use AbsoluteTimeAutoAdvancer?

                Do I need to write a scheduler and job for this implementation of Timed Step completion?


                Please suggest.