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    Error #3

    daniielarg Level 1

      When I try to open Illustrator CS5, this window appears.




      I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program a thousand times, and after the instalation it works, but if I close the application only once, the error appears again. I have used the Adobe Cleaner CS5 three or four times, but it didn´t solve my problem. Someone can help me, please?



      Thanks so much *

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          This error is observed when some of the files, required by adobe products, are not found on the machine.

          Can you check if the file pcd.db in folder <Drive>:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe/Adobe PCD/ is still there or it is getting deleted due to some reason.

          If the above mentioned file is there when you observe this issue, please share the log file amt3.log which will be present in user's temp (%temp%) folder.

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            daniielarg Level 1

            In <Drive>:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe/Adobe PCD/ i only have the folder Cache and inside it there is only one file named cache.db

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              Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

              Ok..re-install the software(no need to uninstall)


              open the illustrator ,, keep the eye on this folder ...and then close it and check...when you close the illustrator does these files and folder get automatically deleted.

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                daniielarg Level 1

                Ok, i re-installed the software and the file pcd.db is there. Illustrator is working for now. I put a copy of the file for my desktop so if the error appears again, the only thing i should do is to copy the file on the desktop once again to the folder Adobe PCD, right?  (sorry for the bad english xd)

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                  Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                  It would not be a proper solution because ideally your file shouldn't get deleted.....they should remian there and your application should work normal.


                  Just check after closing your Illustrator does this file gets deleted......and let us know.


                  may be the repaired installation as fixed the issue., cant say until the issue does not come up again...that's why I said to keep an eye on the folder....


                  If it works fine for couple of days then your problem is fixed.

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                    daniielarg Level 1

                    Illustrator has stopped working again, and it's because the file pcd.db get deleted automatically. Other thing is that when this happens and I try to uninstall Illustrator (in control panel), it says that the program was already uninstalled. It's strange because sometimes the program works perfectly, but others, this happens.

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                      Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                      Do you have any Anti-virus or any other software that may be scannning the computer after specific period of time and deletes these files treating them as the threat,


                      Check any scan your Anti-virus and any other utility did after which Illustartor stopped working.

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                        daniielarg Level 1

                        I think it didn't happen. Last time I re-installed the program, it worked for a moment but after a while the folder Cache disappeared. I checked my anti virus (AVG 2011) and Advanced System Care and they didn´t scan anything recently.

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                          Omegared Level 1

                          I also experience the same problem when I have Photoshop CS6 open and then I open Illustrator CS5. It's weird because when I open Illustrator first, and then Photoshop, everything seems to be ok.