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    Is it possible to have multiple soft keyboards in Windows7 using AIR?

    Paras Sheth



      I am working on a desktop AIR app (multitouch, wide screen) runs on Windows 7.


      I have successfully got the requestSoftKeyboard working on Win7; it launches win7 native soft keyboard as expected which works fine.


      The challenge I am facing is that I need multiple keyboards as there will be more than one textarea on the screen and each textarea will need their own soft keyboard to tap on and type with.


      I have also tried launching multiple AIR apps but it would appear as though you can only have one soft keyboard at a time! The keyboard will simply input in the currently selected window whereas I need to have one keyboard per window so you can type in the respective window.


      Custom keyboard is not an option as the window contains very specific deeply nested html areas where typing needs to happen. Native soft keyboard works fine, i just need multiple of them.


      I would really appreciate if someone could help.


      Thanks in advance.