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    Workflow without dynamic link

    mdkane89 Level 1

      Okay, basically, I'm trying to find the best way to premiere pro and after effects CS5.5 together without the use of dynamic link. This is because I own these products individually and wasn't aware that dynamic link only worked in a premiere premium/master collection package until now. I haven't used editing programs like after effects before, so I still have plenty to learn, but this is an issue I'd like to resolve right off the get-go.


      So far, the only solution I've come up with is capturing my footage via FireWire from my camera (Panasonic DVX100b) to Premiere Pro, save it, open After Effects, import Premiere Pro project to After Effects, Render the composition to a .AVI file after adding the necessary effects, reopen Premiere Pro, import the saved .AVI composition, and do all my basic footage editing from there.


      All my footage is shot in 24p advanced and I make sure all the settings for both premiere pro and the after effects render queue are based around that. Is there an easier way to work around this dynamic link absence? In after effects I tried doing File > Export > to premiere pro, but when I did, almost all the effects were gone. Is there some basic strategy here that I overlooked? And if I do have to render the compositions every time, is there a better format to use than .AVI?


      Sorry, I know this is just a myriad of noob questions, but I've got to figure this out.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Without ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link), I would do just as you outline, with Exports and Imports. For the intermediate files (going between the two programs), I would investigate using either the Lagarith Lossless, or UT Lossless CODEC's. The output files will be AVI, but with either of those CODEC's, they will be lossless, as one will be outputting from both programs.


          Good luck,



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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            You can import a Pr Sequence into Ae (use the Import dialog), or you can copy your clips from a Pr timeline, and paste them into an Ae Comp.


            To go from Ae to Pr, render your Comps, and import the resulting file into Pr.