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    What is best paper for best results on inkjet?

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      Kinkos gave me a sheet of semi-gloss laserjet paper and what they called regular laserjet paper. The "regular laserjet paper" was whiter and brighter than the semi-gloss. The worker told me he always gets sharper, brighter colors and text with regular laserjet paper than the semi-gloss. He knew I was going for a better look on my Canon MP830 inkjet.


      So, can I actually use a laserjet paper with my inkjet and get better results? My test with his paper samples said "yes", far superior to printing on 24 weight regular matte inkjet paper--sharper, brighter, and more vibrant. If I'm right about this, which paper is best for the workbook I'm producing that contains hi-res photos and text, but also must be able to be written on (and the Kinkos papers were)?


      I can't afford to send this to the printer yet, but since I have orders, I'm trying to get by until I can do a large volume order with gotprint.com or someone.


      Thanks in advance for the help.




      P.S. I think the Kinkos guy said the paper was only 30 weight.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Premium inkjet papers have a coating to hold the ink. Some laser papers will work, but I would advise against using a paper with a coating designed for toner. Plain papers should be OK, but the smoother the finish the better. You'll get the best reproduction on the paper with the best ink "holdout" (or lowest absorbency). Typically these are high gloss papers which are not suitable for writing on or folding unless scored first. Forget cheap "multipurpose" papers if you want clean images.


          Do some tests...