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    Please fix choppy screen updates when moving things

    John Stanowski Level 2

      In Adobe Illustrator, when I move an object, even a super simple object like a square with 1 fill, the movement struggles to keep up with my mouse. The movement is choppy; it stutters and lags behind my mouse. I just realized how much this behavior really irks me.


      I remember Corel DRAW being much smoother. To test I fired up my old PC and launched a five-year-old copy of Corel DRAW.

      I drew a box and then I moved it. Woah! Smooth as silk. Why is it the industry standard vector program can even match a forgotten 5-year-old program?


      I would really love it if Illustrator can catch up.

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          MarioMari Level 1

          Also I used Corel Draw, also FreeHands and each of the 7 years of work in Illustartor this recall.

            Illustartora I use because it is in the package CS, but I'm running out of nerves.


          And I remembered this commercial



          Somehow I do not feel special that we have the year 2012 computer with 12 cores at 3GHz and graphics card, and 5 million times faster than that of the advertisement.

          I sincerely hope that Adobe Version CS6 after the mind has gone to his head and wrote Illustartora finally over and does not add more or less nicer interfaces to the same old facade.

          Already starting to seriously look for a new tool. So the expensive adobe sentiments and habits is one thing, the freedom to choose the latter.