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    In Design text alignment is jumping all over, even when set to "align top

    Trina Larson

      Hello all,

      I have been working in a brochure that someone else created, and I am having trouble with textboxes. No matter what I set the alignment to (align top, in this case), it jumps all over whenever I move the text box. For example, I try to move the box up, and the text inside it moves down. The more I move the box up, the more "centered" the text becomes. In fact, when it gets to the margin, it won't go above it at all. The text inside the box just sits right at the margin, even though the box itself moves up. The leading is also bigger than it should be. When I take the text box out of the page entirely and put it beside the document, the leading returns to normal and it is aligned to the top.


      Any clues?