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      I'm learning how to navigate in InDesign CS5.5, and working on an eBook project hopefully for a Kindle version. I have a series of images (PNG's) that I have placed in the eBook draft. It would be helpful if these could be set up as a slide-show with auto timing to display each for 5 seconds, then on to the next.


      However, since this will finally be aimed as Kindle (possibly using the plugin for coversion), whether Kindle will be able to retain these slideshow animations?


      If yes, then my second question is where to find the convert multi-object to button control? I have followed carefully the Adobe Help files instructions to place a couple of test images (PNG's), same size, one atop the other, converted to a multi-object. The multi-object dialog when the multi-object is selected has no drop down or visible option to convert it to a button. All that is available is to advance to the next page in the eBook. Not to the next image. Even if I add buttons, still no option to set up advancing the images.


      I must be doing something wrong?


      So, if Kindle would be able to retain this type of image animation, I could use some help on how to convert the multi-object to a multi-object  button?


      Thank you.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'll answer the simplest question first.


          where to find the convert multi-object to button control?

          It's called the Object States panel, and it converts objects to "multi-state objects." You should be able to look it up in InDesign help.


          The problem is that this is useless for creating eBooks. The EPUB format does not support it nor any kind of animation.


          While InDesign can export to EPUB in CS5.5, it cannot export to Kindle MOBI format. You have to use a converter software like KindleGen or Calibre to do the conversion. But Kindle's format is more brain-dead than EPUB and doesn't support some EPUB formatting.


          It sounds like you need to learn more about eBooks. My first recommendation is Elizabeth Castro's "Formatting ebooks - EPUB Straight to the Point". Excellent introduction. You can also look at Anne-Marie Concepcion's videos on Lynda.com about creating EPUB and Kindle format from InDesign.

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            saratogacoach Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Yes, I had read the help file, plus an online walk-through, set it up using the Objects States Panel and 2 sample PNG's. Can't find any way to convert to a multi-state button which could have an action to advance from image 1 to image 2. I have a full CS5.5 Design Premium suite installed on a 64-bit Win 7 machine, and it seems like a good install when I use other suite programs. But, this action seems to be missing. Any other way to look for it? (I understand that it won't matter for a Kindle eBook, but I'd like to learn about this InDesign feature anyway, if possble.)





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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You need to have buttons separate from the multistate object to control moving through the slide show. See illustration below.



              The multistate object slide show is shown on the left. Above it are two buttons. The right button is selected. In the Buttons panel, the button is set to have two appearances. The object slide show is selected ("Seeds Slide Show"). An action is set for the button ("Go to Next State"). The second button would use the action "Go to Previous State".

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                Hi Steve,


                OK, thanks. I've figured it out. I had set up the button dialog see below, but had not added an action for next or previous state. But now I have added the action, and it should work when I preview it.


                Again, much thanks.