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    Client Context demo

    Diego-Silva Level 2

      Hello all,


      I'd like to use the new Geometrix Outdoors demo website within the CQ 5.5 to demonstrate the Client Context in way that when I select a profile, for instance IVAN PARRINO, and I change his Geolocation to Canada or somewhere else in winter, the website changes itself showing the pictures and products for winter season.


      How could I do that?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Pacoolsky Level 1

          This is how Outdoors demo site should work ootb, I think.


          There are areas on home page (banner, products, article) which changes based on the resolved segments.

          Also some predefined segments which are combinations of gender, age and season exists already.


          Note that season segments take into account the location (latitude) and current month,

          so to activate winter segment you need to move further north, to the Arctic (or change date to January).


          I think it's also worth to read the documentation here:


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            Diego-Silva Level 2



            Thanks for the info.


            What I've seen is when you change the geolocation it automatically changes the Resolved Segments (i.e. it shows the word Winter instead of Summer) and therefore the site images/products. This is not happening in my environment with the new CQ 5.5, whether I use Chrome or Firefox, disabling or not the browser's tracking (I'm using MacOS X).


            I think it's not ootb hahaha.


            I'm trying to make some modification to the Client Context but not getting much success so far


            Any ideas?



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              Diego-Silva Level 2

              I got it!


              I just had to edit the segment for this campaign (summer and winter). As this is only for demo purposes I dropped off the month rules:


              Screen shot 2012-04-13 at 3.22.10 PM.png