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    Adobe Reader MUI 10.1.3 Admin point install will not upgrade Adobe Reader MUI 10.1.2 install

    Ed Puariea

      I downloaded Adobe Reader MUI 10.1.3.msp and created a new admin point install for Reader 10.1.3. I have tested the install with versions 9.0.4, 10.0.1 and 10.1.2. I find that 10.1.3 will over right 9.04 and 10.0.1. I can remove 10.1.2 from the workstation and then do a clean install of 10.1.3 just fine. When I try and run the 10.1.3 install on a system that has 10.1.2 on it the install fails with the following error " Another versions of the product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel. I think the Sid/Quid in the MSI was not modified for the 10.1.3 install and therefore the 10.1.3 MSI thinks it's really the 10.1.2 install and does not install over the top of itself as expected. Please fix the install for adobe reader 10.1.3