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    Morph type transitions for illustrator vectors in AE CS4



      Hello all


      I'm wanting some further info regarding animating morph type effects for imported illustrator files.


      I see tutorials where shape masking shape being used for solid single colour elements, would these methods work for imported illustrator files that contain multiple vectors and colours?


      My scenario is that  I have a rectangle with gradient and a blue outline (created in illustrator) containing 6  blue squares inside that needs to then morph/transform into a circle with 6 circles. Do you know if this within the capabitity of AE?


      I'm just wondering if its too complicated to pull off in AE, or even possible.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Masks don't morph any pixels contained inside them, they really only change their shape. That doesn't mean that masks cannot be used as auxiliary shapes for actual morphing, but it will require effects like Reshape or commercial plug-ins like RE:Flex. Still, from your description it doesn't sound like it would be necessary. One would probably simply animate masks or shape layers for such geometric stuff, but it depends on the specifics. In any case, the more time you spend fancying this up in AI, the more time you waste in AE and the more complicated it becomes to do anything with it. Beyond prepping the shapes and using copy&paste to get them over to AE I wouldn#t use AI much. If it realyl is that simple, everything can be done just as well in AE.