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    Problem building old Flex application and going forward (Flash Builder)?




      I am really new to Flex Builder/Flash Builder (as I know almost nothing about them), but the background of this is that I was wondering if it'd be possible to build an Air-based browser-type app?


      I found this page:


      http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Building_an_HTML__CSS__AJAX_capable_AIR_Browser__S-7585.ht ml


      So, I installed Flash Builder 4.6 and tried to import and build that project, but couldn't get it to work (it didn't like the version string that's a part of the
      "AIR3_Browser-app.xml" - the <application> line).  So, I found an old installer for Flex Builder 3 and tried building the browser under that, and got a similar error when I tried to export the .air file.  Finally, I changed the <application> line from:


      <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.0.M6">




      <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/1.5">


      and then I was able to export the .air using Flex Builder 3.


      So, I have a couple of questions:


      1) I'd like to be able to build the app using Flash Builder 4.6 instead of the older Flex Builder 3.  How can I do that?  Can I just change that <application> line, and if so, to what should I change it? 


      2) In general, when the end part of the <application> tag is not matching, how do I determine what exactly it is suppose to be matching (i.e., why did changing it from "1.0.M6" to "1.5" work)?