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    Flattening Transparency / Rasterizing Large Files for Print


      Hi Everyone,


      I was wondering if anyone out there with experience dealing with large prints (72in x 36in @350dpi) has any advice in the following situation:


      I've been commissioned to make a large print (12ft by 3ft) for a gallery. They want me to use a preferred printer who requires a final output resolution of 300-350dpi. My source file is an Illustrator file (CS5.1) containing MANY (100's) overlapping, transparent polygons). The printer initially told me that it was fine to supply the Illustrator file as two parts, 6ft x 3ft with everything as vectors. They just got back to me and rejected my files, now requesting full resolution TIFFs. I have tried to flatten the transparency and output to TIFF, but either Illustrator hangs indefinitely halfway in the process or errors out, telling me that the combination of size and resolution is impossible to output. I've even tried to import to photoshop as smart object, etc. It appears that I'm running out of memory/cpu power/illustrator abilities even though I tried this on a quad cpu mac pro with 12GB of memory. At the moment, I'm screwed. I have no idea how to rasterize my vector art at anywhere near acceptable resolution. The image is very dense, and full of subtle changes in color and density due to the transparency. I need to preserve it as much as possible. I would be happy for any guidance in this matter. Thanks!