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    Adobe Flash CS5.5 Crashes while drawing/dragging objects.


      I have experienced quite a few crashes trying out Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Premium when it comes to using Flash Professional CS5.5. I have documented one of the crashes at a pastebin entry, which I will link it and an earlier crash log dump below.


      Here's how the crash occurs on my iMac (27-inch, Mid-2011 with AMD 1GB Dedicated Graphics):


      1.) Create either a Flash Document - AS 2.0 or AS 3.0 does not matter, though using 3.0 makes it crash faster I've noticed.

      2.) Draw shapes. After a while of drawing shapes and making them into groups/objects/symbols...

      3.) Drag the shapes around, eventually performance starts to drop over time.

      4.) After a while, Flash will freeze and crash, complete with the beach-ball spinning.


      The most recent crash:




      There is my pastebin of my latest crash, using an Adobe Flash document using ActionScript 2.0.


      Alternatively, sometimes Flash CS5.5 will crash using ActionScript 3.0 as the language of choice, and oddly much quicker. One of those crashes can be found here: http://pastebin.com/pTSerErw


      The irony in both cases is I don't primarily use Flash Professional CS5.5 for programming or scripting at all. I use it for basic vector artwork for an array of projects. Thus, I don't use AS3.0 with this program.


      Here's what I have done so far to try to remedy this:


      • I have updated the Apple JRE/JDK for Mac OS X Lion to the latest revision. I also have cleared out the JRE/JDKs and have started from scratch, to clear out any possible mistakes in installation. I know Java seems to be part of the Flash complilation process, oddly enough
      • Use ActionScript 2.0 documents helps keep crashes down, oddly. Yet they still happen eventually
      • Booted into Safe Mode to try to fix permissions and such. No dice
      • Repaired permissions manually using Disk Utility. No dice
      • Edited my jvm.ini file on my install to have no memory constraints, instead defaulting to the ones I have manually set for my JRE/JDKs. Specifically for my Java 64-bit JRE/JDK: -Xmx2048m -Xms512m -Xss2048m -d64 using the Java Preferences application in /Application/Utilities/
      • I have also monitored the console for any activity aside crashes. No dice
      • Trashed my Preferences and Application Support files
      • Deleted/Fixed corrupt or duplicate fonts - I did find some duplicates due to Microsoft Office 2011
      • I also have sought out other errors here on the Adobe Forums/Community. While similar, they are usually for more complicated projects, while mine is simply drawing and copy/pasting stuff seems to be a problem.
      • In short, I've done my research and still haven't been able to fix it


      Oddly enough, most of the time no corruption has been reported due to this. In fact, I usually just have to restart Flash, save often, and if it crashes, repeat until my project is done. I also don't use auto recovery because it actually makes things more confusing and I admittedly don't trust it.


      Also, I usually have Flash Professional running, as well as Adium (IM client), Safari, and iTunes. Usually no other programs are running outside background programs or menu bar items.


      Does anyone have insight, solutions or possible pointers on how to fix this? It's more of an annoyance - but this is painful since I spent good money on this product. I hope CS6 improves this with full 64-bit support and better memory management.