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    Can't change country on ID

    Redwerks Systems Level 1

      I have the same problem. My country changed to US for some reason and I can't change it back. The Adobe customer support told me that I'm correct - I can't change my address. I asked how do I pay for things if I can't change my billing address? He said I needed to create a new account. I asked, so I can't use my email address anymore? He said no I need to use another email address. Plus new billing history, settings everything, just because I can't update my country.


      How does this make sense? Adobe can't make a online account system where you can change your address?


      Then I get this auto-email telling me that they consider my case solved. I saw a link to take a survey. I thought that I could at least let them know I'm upset. I clicked the link and even that didn't work. I started the survey, choose English, click next and was taken to a screen that thanked me for my feedback!

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          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6


          How does this make sense? Adobe can't make a online account system where you can change your address?





          I too was told that you can't change anything on Adobe.com for "security reasons".  I told them that CS6 will be released soon so where will you send it to?  They told me generally all parcels are sent to the address on their system but you have the option to notify them at the time of placing the order of any changes in your details so that they can amend it themselves.


          I know this is silly but we are dealing with Adobe and things aren't supposed to be logical.  I just gave up because I have better things to do.  If they ask me to open a new account then I will open a new account.  In fact I am used to opening new accounts all the time for various reasons.  Either I am banned from these forums or for "abusing" users of these forums.  But I am now using WordPress so I have very little need of Adobe Products.  I wanted to order DW CS6 but perhaps it is not for me because Microsoft Expression Web is enough for me for now.  May be next year I will reconsider my position.


          Why aren't opening a new Adobe Id?  It is still free!!!!!!


          Good luck.

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            vtarpara Level 1

            I agree this is a HUGE issue and stupid one at that.  I'm sure whoever designed this country "rule" had good reasons, but I have a US credit card, a US address, and a US IP address, Adobe has no reason to lock the "country" field.  This very poor system design and it is preventing me from using their product.  I am not going to register a new email address just to use a cloud service. 


            This is outrageous.

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              sjbntn Level 1

              I have a US card, US address and US IP.


              When making payment I entered the US address in the appropriate fields and set the state to "Other".

              Amazingly the payment went through with the US card. The full address on the receipt still says the country is Australia.


              The fact that Adobe doesn't allow for clients to move country is very much "outrageous".

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                akaBEZ Level 1

                Sorry if I am harsh here, but I am really angry here...


                I have the same problem, I used to live in the Netherlands while studing, now I am back in my home country

                but I can't change my country and some pages are hard coded to Dutch,

                Adobe say to make a new account, but then I can't use my own Email.

                Real geniouses here at Adobe.


                That is exactly why people hate you Adobe,

                I don't know who made this desicion but he should be fired.


                Just because you are a monopoly you do what ever you want,

                but remember that without the people who use your software

                you are nothing Adobe, NOTHING!!!


                We made you what you are, graphic designers, artists, editors, programers...

                And this is how you thank us, what a load of crap.


                And by the way, most of your software are crap also.

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                  warmth7 Level 1

                  It's incredible that they actually say this:


                  Note: You can't change your country setting. If you have moved to a new country, or selected an incorrect country, you need to create an Adobe ID for the correct country.

                  Source: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/account-password-sign-faq.html


                  That's absurd!

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                    simon.r.parker Level 1

                    This is still the case. It's so stupid. I signed up to free Adobe services when I was resident in China (I'm now resident in UK). I now want to sign up to Creative Cloud but would have to set up an entirely new email account. Surely just allow one billing address and set the rates for all services from that.


                    I'm not signing up until this is resolved as I expect to move again in the near future.

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                      Phillip M Jones Level 4

                      Sign up for a Google Email account and use that as your Email ID, that way your address is portable regardless of what country your in.

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                        passenger Level 1

                        I cannot believe it but I have joined the Adobe community just in order to complain about this. Their attitude is so arrogant, that any good feelings I had about Adobe have gone. Surely the whole point of customer relationship management is that you understand the needs of your customers and have a relationship with them over time. More people than ever before move countries for various reasons. As far as Adobe is concerned there are now two or three of me doing completely different things! I'd like to see where that takes their marketing.


                        I am sure this will never get read by an Adobe person, and certain it will never get responded to. Shame really, I used to think they were a well-run company.

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                          ForPia Level 1

                          Just in case someone from Adobe reads this:


                          I fully agree with the people above. How stupid do you have to be not to allow people to change their country of residence, especially when you're offering all your software on a subscription basis!


                          This is something that should be fixed as soon as possible (and frankly, the idiots that came up with such a ridiculous restriction should be sacked summarily).


                          In response to Philip Jones:

                          I signed up for my Adobe ID through Gmail, but this doesn't really solve anything. I keep getting redirected to the online shop in the wrong country, and I cannot set a correct billing address, because it's locked to a country in which I am not living anymore.

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                            pwillener Level 8

                            sefjkhasefjklhsdkljfsh wrote:


                            Adobe say to make a new account, but then I can't use my own Email.

                            With the recent hacking of the Adobe servers, many users want their accounts deleted.  And it seems that this is possible now.


                            So maybe the solution for the problem in this topic is to contact Adobe Customer Care and have them delete your account.  Then you can set up a new account with your existing email address, and with a new country.

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                              rebelclouds Level 1

                              Unfortunately it's fairly common practice to lock the billing country when you sign up for an account.  Microsoft and Apple ID's are the same way. 

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                                modeless_se Level 1

                                Not in my experience. I just changed my Apple ID last week, from US to Sweden and had no problems. I've also purchased MS Office (for Mac) online and was able to change my billing address after the fact.


                                For me, Adobe seems to be the only major SaaS provider that doesn't understand how to implement a seemingly obvious feature like changing the country in your profile...presumably, nobody in Adobe's dev team has considered the possibility that some customers might live in other countries. It is true though...it does happen, and since I was a customer who signed up for Creative Cloud for a year I now am being told that I need to pay $150 cancellation fee so that I can create an entirely new account, with my updated address and billing information, and then resubscribe (hmm..I wonder, will I also need to redownload the entire Adobe CC suite?). I think I've found something actually more frustrating than Lightroom...and I did not think that was possible.

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                                  mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

                                  Unfortunately, Adobe's security system is such that only the bonafide users are blocked from making any changes;  Hackers and Pirates don't have this problem.

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                                    Jkiller Level 1

                                    This very poor system design and it is preventing me from using their product.  I am not going to register a new email address just to use a cloud service.









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