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    Sandbox security problem


      We are developping animations that we usually debug and test inside the Flash CS3 editor. We meet at the moment a difficulty that we are unable to solve.

      We compile and test an animation from a local drive. The generated SWF load several movieclips from our Apache server using an "http//..." URL.

      When the loaded SWF try to initialize, they have to access to the main movie properties (the local one). This does not works but gets the Flash editor output window full with security messages like this :

      "SecurityDomain ' http://rpnet-tdfbynet.dvintranet1.intranet.tdf.fr/application...' tried to access to incompatible context 'file:///F|/www/atrium%2Dtdfbynet/src/application...'

      This works properly if the main animation is tested from the server inside a browser (ie. when the main and the loaded SWf come from the same domain).

      This project is old now and we still publish it for Flash 6 plug-in. It is written with AS1.

      We tried several System.security.allowDomain() actions but none of them solved our problem.

      Since it is quite time-wasting to test our animation in a browser rather than in the flash editor, do anybody can help us telling what is wrong ?

      Thanks for your attention, sincerly yours,
      F. Rigaudie - TDF - France