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      I'm getting started with a large editing project and testing the Premiere Pro CS5.5 workflow. I need to be able to add metadata to a large amount of clips in Bridge and/or Premiere Pro and have both applications "see" the update. Bridge is much better for viewing and tagging clips than Premiere and I'd like to work with both applications, throughout the project. If I have other people tagging clips in Bridge while I work in Premiere Pro, that would be an excellent workflow.


      Here's the issue: I'm using the "link button" to modify the "description" metadata in Premiere Pro and the changes immediately appear when I switch to Bridge. However, if I make changes to the same field in Bridge and switch back to Premiere Pro, the changes do not appear. As a work around, I tried reopening my Premiere Pro project but that doesn't make changes to metadata from Bridge appear. The only way to make edited metadata appear from Bridge to Premiere Pro is to reimport the clip in Premiere Pro. --- This is unacceptable for my workflow, as I'm working with around 500 clips.


      As I understand it, I'm using the software correctly. Is this a known limitation? Am I missing something?