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    Script to change combo box selection based on numeric values entered in a text box

    Charlie Tait

      I've put together a student feedback form and I'm looking at ways to refine the process for the user. Please see image below. As you can see the form has individual learning outcomes, each of which has three 'feedback' statements. These are currently combo boxes with predefined statements selected by the user from the drop down menu. These statements are linked numerically to our marking scheme i.e. if the feedback statement uses the word 'limited' it corresponds with a mark of 20 - 39 on our marking scale. If it uses the word 'excellent' it corresponds with a mark of 70 - 100.


      limited 20–39

      adequate 40–49

      good 50–59

      very good 60–69

      excellent 70–100


      Currently the user inputs the mark into the small text box in the right corner of the relevant learning outcome. The user then has to manually select the corresponding feedback statements from the combo box. Which is quite time consuming. Here's the thing:


      The majority of the time the statements all match with the numeric mark, i.e. if the student has achieved a mark of 55, then the feedback statements would usually all be in the 'good' category: '...good quality of research...', '...good analysis...', '...good direction of research...'. It would be a great timesaver if the statements could be scripted to react to the numbers put into the text box. As an example, when the user types in a mark of 50 – 59 the feedback statements automatically set themselves to all be '...good...'. There's one more thing:


      It is  important that the user has the option to change individual feedback statements if needed. i.e. a mark of 58 might require two feedback statements in the 'good' and one in the 'very good' category: '...good quality of research...', '...good analysis...', '...VERY good direction of research...'. Therefore the user still needs the option to be able to overide the automatic selection if required.


      This is beyond my basic scripting abilities, but I wonder can anyone crack this problem? Your help would be much appreciated.