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    PP CS4 will not play clips


      PP refuses to play any clip on the timeline. I have tested several different clips from different sources with no change.



      i7 860

      6 GB RAM

      ATI Radeon 5670  & ATI Radeon 5450 (ATI Technologies Inc. driver version 8.850.0.0 on both cards) running three monitors

      Win 7 pro x64


      No apparent changes made when problem surfaced. Have encountered problem before, but a full reinstall of PP fixed the issue. Wondering if there is anything else I can try that might be less time consuming.


      Thanks in advance!


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          labrasic Level 1

          additional info:

          Shuttle will not advance/rewind the clip either. When you push play, the button toggles to show the stop command (like when the clip is actually playing) but nothing happens.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What is the date of your Catalyst driver suite?


            The AMD/ATI site lists one released on 3/29/2012 (do not see the version number, and I thought that was listed?).


            What you describe is often related to the video driver.


            Recently, some Photoshop users reported one of the newer AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers was not working well for them. In their cases, rolling-back, and waiting for a newer version to be released, fixed display issues.


            Even simple OS updates and hot-fixes, have rendered some video drivers obsolete. PrPro needs to interface very closely with the video driver, much more so than most software, so it can encounter problems, where other programs still function properly.


            Good luck, and hope that it is just a video driver issue.



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              labrasic Level 1

              Thanks for your response Bill! I had just looked at the driver version without thinking to check if catalyst was installed. Turns out I have just been using a stock driver that windows 7 found, so I am installing the new catalyst now and will report back if the problem was taken care of.



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                labrasic Level 1

                No luck after the new version of catalyst was installed. Should I attempt an older version?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Sorry that the latest Catalyst driver did not fix things for you.


                  Referencing some of the OpenGL issues with a newer Catalyst driver (do not recall the version), the "fix" was a roll-back. If I can find that version #, I will post it. It might be helpful, or it might not.


                  Good luck,