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    Preview of a movieclip




      On main stage when working with a movieclip symbol that contains animation i only see first frame of that animation. And if that animation starts blank the preview of that movieclip symbol will also be blank. And its very hard to do any kind of work with that kind of movieclip symbol on the main stage - selecting, composing with other elements, because simply you dont see it.  Is there a way to chose which frame of a movieclip is displayed as a preview? Currently my workaround is to insert one aditional frame at the start of movieclip's timeline and paste onto it a graphic that will represent the movieclip, then delete it after all the work has been done.


      Thank you!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          HAving something in the first frame is needed if you want to see the movieclip while editing on the stage.  What you can do, instead of deleting after the work has been done, place the graphic on a new layer and when you are done change that layer to be a Guide layer so that it is not included when the file is compiled, but is still there in case you need it again.

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