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    Article with different size pages

    JulienKraakman Level 1



      I would like to make an article with different size pages. So let's say I have a landscape article with the first page being 1024x768 and the second page being 1024x384 (half the height).

      It seems like National Geographic is doing this, see it here:



      As you can see, in the article in the middle (A Walk in the Clouds) is about half the size at the page above it.

      I know it can't be a one page smoothscroll article since it really snaps to the second page and you still see a part of the page above it. There is no in between though, so it can't really be smooth scroll.

      Or if it is smoothscroll it must be some other feature, that let's the article snap to either top or bottom, but no in between. How is that done?

      Can't seem to find information on this anywhere.


      Thanks, Julien.