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    Relinking in PrPro after aaf import (Avid sequence)


      (Avid MC 6.0.1 + PrPro CS 5  /  Win7)




      Is it possible to relink to Avid's MXF files?


      I  followed the video2brain tutorial "Premiere for Avid Editors":


      1. (in Avid) export Avid sequence an an *.aaf file

      2. (in PrPro) import the aaf

      3. PrPro creates a new folder with the sequence and the clips in it.

      4. (in PrPro) relink clips to Avid's MXF files - and this is not working!


      I get the error message "The file has an unsupported compression type."

      (the guy in the tutorial claims that this is no problem at all - he just do not have the Avid media files on this machine ...)


      So, how do you do it?




      here is the roundtripping video tutorial