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    Installing a custom plugin in FB 4.6


      I'm using Flashbuilder 4.6 on mac (lion), and I'm trying to add a plugin I created. I built the plugin in eclipse (can't develop it in FB, but that's another issue all together). It builds fine, I can install it just fine in eclipse and it. But when I install it in FB it doesn't work. I've been all over google, and I've tried pretty much everything I can think of to get it to work. I dropped it in the plugin directory, in both dropins folders, and even tried adding a links folder. So, how do I install a plugin I created into Flashbuilder?


      Thank you in advance, and if there's any information I failed to mention I'll be happy to add it.

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          After days of searching and finally posting to this forum, I finally found the answer. So I'll post it here on the off chance that someone else encounters the same problem. FB is built on eclipse 3.6. The latest build of eclipse is 3.7, and therefore all of the plugin dependencies were automatically set to 3.7. I went back and set all of the dependencies to 3.6.0 and the plugin loaded just fine.