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    Still in active development?


      Is Proscenium still in active development, or has it been shelved? I'm not particularly interested in wasting time learning a dead framework.


      - Josh

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          joe_3d Community Member



          Well said. I have ventured a little into Proscenium, but gave it up, because as far as I could tell, you couldn't share a scene between views. Oh, and the TOTAL lack of interest from Adobe.


          Away3D 4 is good so far as my current explorations go, so if you are new to Flash 3D, have a look at that.



          Otherwise, just hang around here and enjoy the sound of distant crickets....



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            Unless you happen to have Thibault's cell number you're probably not going to get an answer for this. But, it's still in development... it's called Minko 2. One of the benefits of actually having his number I guess.