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    Search bug!

      I have noticed a bug when using the Search tab. It is fairly easy to reproduce in the Robohelp environment. I created a new single source layout (HTML Help), which automatically creates a First_Topic.htm file. Then, I clicked on the TOC Composer tab and auto-created my table of contents (this only shows the First_Topic.htm file). Next, I click the Generate Primary Layout button on the toolbar, view the .chm file, click on the Search tab, and close the .chm file. Then, I click the View Primary Layout button on the toolbar. This opens the .chm file, displays the Search tab, and gives focus to the Search text box. I then type a word in the Search text box and hit the Enter key. This takes me to the table of contents. This is definitely not the way this should behave.

      I also tested some of Microsoft's CHM files for this behavior, but they worked correctly. Does anyone know why this is occurring or how to fix it? Thank you.
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          jwalk746 Level 1
          Does anyone have any information regarding this issue? Thank you.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            I have not seen it reported before and you have to follow some pretty unlikely steps to replicate it. If the user clicks on the buttons as intended it all works OK.

            Have you tried it in a bigger project with books in the TOC?

            Whatever, I cannot see it being a major problem or it would have been reported before now.

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              jwalk746 Level 1
              Thank you very much for the post Peter. I have tried it in a bigger project with books in the TOC. That is how I found this issue.

              I have a GUI with a menu bar, and Under the menu bar's Help item, there is a Search option. When I select the Search option, the .chm file displays with the Search tab selected. Then I type a word (because the Search text box already has focus), click the Enter key, and get redirected to the TOC.

              It is not a major problem, but it would be nice if it worked like some of the other .chm files I have used. We are shipping out four applications that have this functionality in two and a half weeks, and I would prefer for our customer not to do this. Thank you.