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    Add rows to table with button


      I have read many forums to try to figure out how to add rows to table with in a subform. I think I may know what I am doing wrong.(I need to have a subform above the table) Can someone please walk me through how to add a button, then how to make it work, after I have completed my form in full? I can post it also if someone want to play with it.



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          paulk07 Level 3

          You are correct.

          The Main subform must be set to flowed.  Your top subform must be positioned and the "Add" button is nested in a positioned subform.  The repeating subform is set to flowed.  Now look at the binding tab.  The repeat subform for each data item must be check and set minimum count to 1.  You can set max to what ever you want or leave blank for unlimited.