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    PPro CS5 multi-cam cross dissolve fail

    cfg_2451 Level 2

      I'm working on a two camera interview in Production Premium CS5. Did the standard setup -- a source sequence with the two camera feeds, nested into a muiti-cam edit sequence where I pick the angles using the multi-cam monitor. Then I nest this into a target sequence where I slice and dice (to isolate just a part of the interview for a short web video, from a 25 minute interview down to 3 minutes or less).


      In the process of making big cuts in my target sequence, I end up with a cut between two clips from the same camera. It's a clearly visible blip in continuity, and I typically use a cross dissolve to acknowledge that. When I apply the cross dissolve, I get a weird failure.


      The first half of the dissolve works fine. But at the mid point it picks up *both* underlying camera feeds, not just the one that's actually in use. PPro is clearly going back up the nesting of sequences to get this from the source sequence. But why? And how do I stop it? If this a known bug in CS5, what's the workaround?


      Bruce Watson