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    Records typing but nothing shows up after recording

      I hope someone can help me. For whatever reason, whenever I record let's say a document like MS WORD (or anything for that matter) in which I'm recording how to input data, when recording is completed, I can't watch the actual typing. The typing is revealed at the end of the project. I want to be able to see the document being filled out as my clients need this.

      Now here's where things get interesting. I go to my temp files and lo and behold, there are the temp flash files and when I click on them I can watch the words as they are being typed. Why doesn't Captivate use these files and create the story line? My temp files continues to grow at an alarming rate and I have to delete these files before they consume my hard drive space.

      Anyway, this baffles me and I am quite frustrated. What is wrong? I have no idea. I have moved the Adobe Captivate program to my external hard drive thinking that that would help but nothing. I moved the temp files to the external hard drive and still nothing. I'm using Windows XP Pro with SP2 installed. Can anyone offer any suggestions on this as I have major projects for clients looming and this is not going to work.