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    Exporting InDesign CS4 file to Dreamweaver


      I am in the process of trying to figure out the best way to get my organizations print newsletter onto our website to view as html. I have a good knowledge of Dreamweaver but I am struggling on this one. We create & send our newsletter to print as an InDesign file and while trying to figure out what to do through reading tutorials I found the "Export for Dreamweaver" option, after days of searching I thought this was going to be it. Although, once I clicked and "okay'd" everything I got an error. Exporting "file name" as XHTML failed. The file it is looking for I've moved several times to try to get it to "create", it's just a picture file but I'm not sure where I've gone wrong. I'm the only one in the organization who does any design work so I have no one to ask. Please help. Thank you in advance for anything!Indesign help.png