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    Caluclate on Mobile


      I have a PDF that we wanted to use on mobile devices. I edited the PDF using livecycle, added in all the functions I needed to get the totals to add up at the end. All functions work on the computer. I have tested both Mac & PC. When I try to open it on a mobile device (apple or android) The math functions do not translate. I have tried adobe reader qpdf and pdf expert.


      quantity x cost per item = total cost  I have total1.rawValue = qty1.rawValue * cost1.rawValue


      Then all the total costs add up at the bottom.


      I have tried both form calc and javascript. Not sure what else to do. Any help would be appreciated.


      I did change the Total Cost field to editable now so they can do the mathmatics themselves.







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          mauhl1 Level 1

          Am I all alone here? Any suggestions on who would be able to answer this?



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            Jaison.Sunny Level 1

            Which version of ES are you using. So far as I have known, there has not been any release which has compatiblity with iOS readers


            Forms are not currently supported with the iOS reader.  I have attended few Webinars on ES 3.5 where they demonstrated the same in iOS. They are working on this in the future release which they are planning to release this year. Even I am looking forward to it.