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    Possible to simulate red-green color blindess?


      Is it possible to remove red and green from an image or de-emphasize them? I'm trying to simulate the way a dog sees.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Add the Shift Channels effect to the footage.  Set it to display the blue channel only.

          Duplicate the layer twice.  Change the Shift Channels the the green channel on one dupliate, and red on the other.

          Put  red & green above the blue layer, and change their blend modes to Add.  The image in the comp becomes full-color again.

          Adjust the opacity of the red & green layers to taste.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Dogs are not red/green color blind. For the most part, they only do not see red, but really, it's a different thing than humans being unable to tell red/yellow/green apart on a traffic light other than by the position... As Dave suggested, shift the channels around and adjust their intensities. Depending on the footage, you might also get it a lot simpler by using Colorama, Tritone, Tint or even Hue/Saturation set to Colorize, then tweak the Blend with original parameters and adjusting the colors...