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    Creating a label and identify diagram activity


      Does anyone know of a tutorial that shows how to create a label and identify diagram activity. So for example you have an image of a heart and you have lines coming from the different parts of the heart and then you have a list of labels that you then drag to the appropriate lines.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There might or might not be a tutorial specifically for what you describe.  But you will find tutorials for doing drag and drop, which will be the basis for whatever you create. 


          One added feature for yours would be to have something to check for proper placements.   This can be done by have the dragged object and the target object assigned properties that you compare for equality after the drop.  You could probably find a dropTarget tutorial to cover this aspect.


          So try searching Google using terms like:  "AS3 drag drop tutorial" and "AS3 dropTarget tutorial", though either set of search terms could lead you to finding both topics in one tutorial since they are commonly used together anyways.

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