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    Panorama publishing in different way .

    Jann Lipka Level 1

      As a photographer and producer of interactive panoramic images like for example here




      I have a very basic understanding of 5.5 DPS   but still ......     what I would like is instead of using CS5.5 panorama tool : 

      I would like to link starting  still "poster image"  to a html file that triggers an external panorama player - like on above link .

      Advantage of this is that I get some interactive icons and also " auto rotate " function .
      I would like to have all files embeded in application / saved locally .

      another alternative would be to just play those local files in initial frame ....


      What are the steps to accomplish that .
      My understanding is that this kind of panorama publishing  could work also on Android devices
      ( Panorama player is combined Flash/html5 , html 5 is viewed on Ipad )


      Am I supposed to use  " web View " option from overlay creator  and point it to my  starting html file ?