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    ATTENTION ADOBE: A plea from a student




      Being a university student, I don't have much money at all. So seeing how the playbook recently went on sale in the UK, I decided to pick one up for my educational use. This use mainly involves reading lecture and course material in the form of PDFs, and keeping my lecture notes by my side at all times. Adobe reader is installed by default on the playbook, and having used adobe on my previous iphone, my current galaxy nexus and my computer I had the highest confidence that Adobe reader on the playbook would get the job done perfectly.


      Now heres my problem. The reader you have supplied for the playbook is not worthy of being labelled an adobe product. It is an absolute embarassment. I still to this day think this app was made by a bored employee sitting on a toilet who finished developing the app so fast he had enough time to read a whole newspaper before wiping his derriere. It is the most basic reader that takes a long time to correctly load and display simple PDF files; the scrolling system is slow, theres no search function, theres no bookmarking or highlighting or annotations, and there is no option to change text size or view etc.


      What makes this situation worse is that you developed and updated ALL other forms of adobe reader on android, iOS, windows.. and many other platforms, and left out the blackberry playbook. As a customer of yours, I am VERY frustrated and feel massively left out. You may think us playbook users have an alternative on our playbook, but the truth is we don't. You may think that we could just log on to our computers to view the PDF documents, but some of us can't. You aren't simply saving resources by (neglecting your customers) not developing an update for Adobe reader on the playbook, you are potentially disturbing peoples professional lives, and you are certainly disrupting my, and many others education. There is no justification for this from a hardware point of view, as the playbook has specs good enough to run far more complicated applications.


      I've waited and waited, I've updated to playbook OS 2 and still nothing. I feel there is no excuse for this and I would appreciate a contribution from an Adobe member of staff/developer who will come forward and explain what is going on, and what is going to be done about it.


      Thank you for your time,

      M, the student.

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          Daisuke A

          Sadly you and I are probably wasting our time here. Look at the discussions in this forum, and count the number of questions that are "Not Answered" versus those that are.


          I have posted an even more serious issue last week here at http://forums.adobe.com/message/4320629 and guess what --- no reply. This leads me to believe that no one from Adobe gives a damn about this platform and the crappy application they made for it, which fails to even start for many people. Adobe's official support email as posted on the listing at BB App World doesn't even work; that says a lot about how unprioritised this is to them. This forum exists so issues are grouped here, making them easier to ignore.


          They don't care. No one's listening. I'd suggest you don't keep your hopes up --- you'll just be severely disappointed.

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            MKA29 Community Member

            How else can we possibly put our queries out there, if not on adobes OFFICIAL forum. This is terrible. I now know why apple decided to ditch these people with flash... its just not worth it. I wish there were an alternative pdf reader on the playbook, I'd never use an adobe product again.

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              I have sent e-mails to Adobe and posted my own plea for a proper reader for Playbook

              But I have received no reply or response - nothing. nada, zip!

              I suppose I should have realized there would be a problem because RIM did call it a playbook

              The other business apps are just as pathetic but there's lot of games and useless apps

              I turn on my Playbook every Monday morning and look for new business apps only to turn it off a few minutes later for another week. The other PDF apps don't work and some even say they don't work or have little functionality.

              The only thing that I've downloaded so far is the new OS and updates.

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                Blackberry's team is aware of the issue as known, and I got a reply from Playbook support that redirected the queiry to Adobe.  In turn, in the forums, Adobe has declared the device platform as de-prioritized as of March 2012.  See comment linked below, and the relevant passage is cut and paste.  Looks like the Playbook is an orphaned for this app.




                "Mar 4, 2012 7:20 PM


                As the tablet market continues to evolve, we continue to evaluate how to best support the market and where to focus on our resources.  Because of this,  Adobe has decided to end its support of the  RIM QNX Playbook devices in March 2012.  This means the ability to create new applications for submission to the RIM store will no longer be possible in Adobe Viewer Builder as well as the ability to rebuild existing targets for new releases of Digital Publishing Suite. Any existing QNX targets will be removed from the manage view inside Viewer Builder".