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    Flash player isn't working properly.


      I have Vista 64bit Home Premium, my browser is IE9. I installed the latest version knowing that it said Vista 64bit wasn't supported, so I checked to see if it would work on youtube and other sites and it did perfectly well. Recently, however I have been noticing that youtube videos would abruptly stop and show a large exclamation point, so I decided to reinstall it which had no effect. I came to the conclusion that I should install an older version of it, so I installed which seemed to say that it did support it. After installing it I immediately tried it on youtube and it could barely run a video. I don't know what I should do now, I have an even older version of flash player on my computer but if that will have the same effect as my last attempt then I'd prefer a better solution. For instance, will a new verion come out in the future that does support my computer? Because that would be cool.