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    Live Trace Anti-Aliasing?


      I am trying to import some QR codes into illustrator, and then using live trace on them to convert them to vectors. The funny thing is that even though the source image files are perfectly clean all the way up to 3200% magnification, all the shapes are perfectly even numbers of pixels, and all angles are perfect 90's they dont come out of the live trace clean.


      Some, not all , of the lines come out a teensy bit bloated and blurred. I thought this might be an issue with it not lining up to the pixel grid properly so I tried snapping to pixel before tracing. I tried this with both 300 and 72 ppi source images, which were perfectly clean in photoshop. I've tried both PNG and JPEG formats for the source files. in my trace options the blur is set to 0 as is the Path Fitting. I still can't get it to come out clean.The only conclusion I can draw is there is some kind of Anti-Aliasing going on but I can't find a way to get around it.


      Any ideas?