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    How to call php function from CF?

    YogeshM Level 1



      Since the MSSQL driver isn't compiled in my PHP installation, I can't connect to a SQL Server database from PHP.


      Therefore, I have created a SQL Server connection in my CF Admin page and I've created a small script that's reading records from the SQL Server database and inserting/updating my table in MySQL.


      Now, owing to UTF-8 encoding, I've created another function in PHP that actually reads the synchronised records and updates them into UTF-8 e.g. for french accents, etc.


      The above situation works great, however, there are 2 files actually -

      1. 1 CF-file to read from SQL Server and insert into MySQL (readFromMSSQL.cfm)
      2. 1 PHP-file to read the inserted records and update them using UTF-8 encoding (updateData.php)


      Ideally, every time I lauch the application (which runs mainly on PHP), it should synchronise the SQL Server and the MySQL databases so that data is consistent.


      Now, I'm having 2 files for that matter.


      How do I

      1. either call the PHP function or PHP-file from my cfm file? Ideally. This is because I can then create a scheduled task in my CF Admin and make it run e.g. every morning.
      2. or call my cffunction from my PHP-file?


      So that, in the end, I only need to call 1 single file which does everything.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Best regards,

      Yogesh Mahadnac.