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    Bug in form action configuration: problem with multifield


      I’ve created a new page in content/geometrixx-outdoors/en/ and added a form component (from the foundation components).


      I configure the form’s start element with the action type ‘Mail’ and add a mail address in the Mailto field (xtype="multifield") in the action configuration area.

      I save the configuration and see the start node in the JCR having a property ‘mailto’ with the specified value (as expected).


      However, if I open the start element’s configuration dialog again and try to change the mail address (in Mailto) or add another mail address (in Mailto, CC or BCC), clicking the dialog’s OK button doesn’t close the dialog and save the values anymore.

      Only after I removw a multifield element, I’m able to save the values by clicking the OK button.

      (Tested with FF 11 and Chrome 18.)


      I'de like to see this problem fixed.

      Can I file this problem description as bug anywhere?