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    Auto Reply? I have no clues?

    _my_pov Level 1

      my client hs requested an email auto responder on his website.


      I have no clue as to where to start.


      Thank you,

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          Start by asking your client to explain in detail exactly what they want. Just asking for an email auto responder is too vague to be able to suggest a solution.

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            sudarshan.t Level 6

            In general, when a client asks for auto-responders to be set up, he needs it from his email server. If you're the one hosting his website, you should use your cPanel or IIS Control Panel to set-up Email Auto Responders. Ideally, your client will have a URL to access webmail. He could simply login there to setup an auto-responder.


            If you're in doubt, just ask him what type of an auto-responder he needs.


            Like bregent said, there are lot of ways to set-up auto-responders - starting as simple as a server-side auto responder all the way till building Custom Code to handle workflow/ e-mail functions.


            If you need more, let us know more in detail of what you/ your client is looking at achieving.